AXESS is a high end solution for multiple IP services being run on one platform. Thanks to the builtin security framework and universal control of arbitrary kinds of hardware, the solution is capable of providing hosted services of many different kinds.

The unique open API and framework based architecture enables an easy adaption of virtually any customer needs.
Axess offers multi-tier hardware provisioning, administration, billing, rating, roaming, customer care, reporting and open billing interfaces.

There is no restriction in southbound Device Management protocols: TR-069, OMA DM, as well as any other open industry standard IP protocol are supported.

A powerful content management system (CMS) is integrated with support for location based services templates, personalization, value added smart home services, dynamic policy management, even e-Commerce functionality.
Security, flexibility and scalability in Device Management are brought to the next level, enabling Axess to also fulfill ambitious IP service delivery challenges.

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